Green4v4 - Green solutions for the Visegrád four project

Our aim is to inform a large number of people
about basic knowledge and new findings in the field of renewable energy and
sustainable development. The project has four participating countries: Czech
Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia.

Using sustainable solutions in our everyday
life has become an increasingly important matter around the world. Our fossil
energy sources are running out fast, and it has become evident, that today’s
rate of consumption cannot be held in the long term. Implementing green
solutions is very essential in the industrial sector, and also in our everyday
routine. These solutions can be used everywhere, and there are a continuously
growing number of people who are becoming aware of their importance.

There are several areas of green solutions.
Renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, sustainable architecture,
sustainable transportation etc… There is
also a growing concern of what we can do about the climate change.

Our webpage is dedicated on gathering
information about these topics, and sharing them with the world. Since we would
like every one of our visitors to be able to have a positive and green impact on
our world, we have a topic that deals with everyday solutions and tips for
around the house. Every topic includes an introduction part of basic
information so everyone can get familiar with the topic. Later on more and more
complex and in depth articles will be uploaded.
Our page also includes a calendar of events, where everyone can follow
the major happenings. To understand the terms and definitions of any topic, a
continuously updated glossary is available. Participating countries can upload
any important information that happens within their country. New solutions or
significant progress in sustainable development are always welcome.